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By: Stephen Mackelprang

The Hop About

Pages: 180 Ratings: 5.0
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A man, an amputee, a dual amputee, wanders the West alone on half of a foot to discover what life has to offer. He takes off, running the only way he still knows how, in a car. A car procured from selling his prosthetic leg (the expensive one) on eBay.This true tale follows him on an adventure to angelic views in Zion National Park, to the top of the world in Death Valley, to mingling with the rainbow people, to pushing himself around in a wheelchair on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. The story turns back to how he found himself ‘hopping’ about and the drug addiction which caused it.While purposely estranged from his family, he learns mingling with others to accept differences and to resist judgement. Also, the deep importance of family. And most importantly that ‘we are not defined by our mistakes’.

The author, Stephen Mackelprang, is a man that has experienced the dark side of life and favours to see the light. He’s a renaissance man, skilled at much, yet master of nothing, except making the best out of what’s at hand – literally, being a dual amputee (AKA left, metatarsal right). After seeking a profession as an MD, specifically pain management, he found that the best medicine one can deliver is laughter with an extra dose of inspiration.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • A

    10/10! Highly worth the read. A funny, backwards educational story that will warm your heart and keep you laughing (or shaking your head) all the way through. Learn life lessons and hop along the beautiful western US with a brilliant man determined to continue running without toes.

  • Greg Reeder

    I knew Stephen when he played for me at Spring Creek High School. This book is outstanding. It tells a story of perseverance, joy, and a love of life and beauty that many of us never take the time to see. For me, the most profound and lasting impression that I will take from this book is " We are not defined by our mistakes." Keep getting back up and moving forward. Thanks, Stephen for being an inspiration to so many.

  • Too incredible to be made up

    An outrageous true story about an addiction to pain killers The author shows us how to find humour in tragedy and make meaning from chaos. He's raw, insane at times, lovable and insightful.

  • Bill

    Good read. The ultimate making the best of a bad situation.

  • Scott Davidson

    Mack is well known for comedy, adventure, and his adaptive abilities. His personality is full of energy and honesty. Getting the chance to dive into Mack's story was incredible. Mack has lived 40 lives. Mack has transformed from a top-notch abled-body athlete to addict, to amputee with other significant physical challenges, to comedian, content creator, bold adventurer, photographer, and now an author. In this book we get to observe a life journey that displays a person's quest to not let adversity slow a beautiful and deliberate life. This book is real, raw, and a must buy. I can't help but hope for more, meaning I want to see where Mack goes next!

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