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The Instruments of Death-bookcover

By: G.W. Macleod

The Instruments of Death

Pages: 148 Ratings: 5.0
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“I am the end of all things to all things” – Amara

David was enjoying his very normal life until his world collapsed in on itself.


Grief and personal tragedy lead our unlikely hero to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of his young family and uncover a mystery that goes beyond our world and into the next. Unfortunately for David, a man in some very dark glasses is also on the case. Will he assist David or will he be an Instrument of Death?

Speaking of Death, the lord of the dead has a problem. One of the most dangerous men that has ever existed has managed to hide himself and his followers from the dark masters gaze. What follows is a unique story featuring time travel, otherworldly beings, a civilisation at the centre of the earth, a gem that could alter our very existence and an adventure unlike anything youve ever read.

G.W. Macleod is an author from Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland who spends his days walking tremendous distances and spending time with his family. He enjoys learning not to burn meals, reading books, playing video games from the ’90s and keeping the house of Macleod in good order.

Customer Reviews
23 reviews
23 reviews
  • Kristian Nagel

    The author is new to me and I honestly had quite low expectations but I have to say I was proven wrong with this one. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. If you love thrillers this book is for you. I am a avid reader and come across a really good thriller once in a while, this is one of them. You wont be disappointed. The story was quite easy to grasp and very captivating. You really end up feeling for the characters and getting sucked right into the plot of the book. Don't expect a classic thriller with this one because its definitely not that its interesting and unique and very creative a refreshing read in the genre.

  • John Daw

    It effortlessly blends suspense with rich character development. The authors storytelling prowess kept me on the edge of my seat, a must-read for anyone seeking a gripping tale of action and intrigue.

  • Dani Louise

    This is a very interesting book series. Only the first book in a five part story but it is a great little intro to the series. The character David starts out as a homeless man out for revenge for the death of his wife and newborn son. His list consists of nine people that he holds responsible for their demise. Unfortunately for him his first act causes Amara (Death himself) to send Fisher to deal with him and now David must atone for his crime and to do that he must become a revenant and a member of the Instruments of Death. Their entire purpose is to deal with the worst of the worst of those still living. Together Fisher, Byers, Wren, Lexi and David must face the six before the planet is destroyed. I look forward to seeing where the story goes and what adventures this group of misfit heroes face together. Highly recommend you give this one a read!

  • Beth

    This was a very interesting book which gripped me from the beginning. I really love a revenge story and this was David's situation as he went on a mission to murder those he felt were to blame for losing his family. However when David is approached by a unusual man one day, he finds himself in a very unique and different kind of world. This whole journey was fascinating I must say.

    Read if you like :-
    - Otherworldly beings. Something that looks at the normal world and a world not like our own.
    - Lots of action that is fast paced
    - Overall fairly short book with short chapters which leave you wanting to read more
    - Something that explores death, grief, second chances and understanding our mistakes (Should David have tried learning more about the people he wanted to kill before acting so impulsively? But isn't this an indication of what grief/anger can do to our damaged minds)
    - What happens after death theme

    A quick, unique and interesting read which is worthy of your time.

  • Hayden

    The Instruments of Death is not your typical revenge story. The main character suffers a horrible tragedy and because of this plans a mass murder but fate intervenes and he meets a mysterious man who sets him on a unique journey working for death. It's worth the read and I have recommended and convinced all my friends to buy and read this book.

  • Wayne Sanderson

    A quick yet interesting read. Has a unique take on death giving death a persona and visiting a new idea of what happens when we die. Not at all what I was expecting based on the cover but the characters are written well with easy dialogue has an air of mystery that keeps your interest and has you wanting to know more. It's a decent read and has a great storyline, I was sorry when the end came far too quickly.

  • Ty

    This book was an excellent read and an excellent start to what I’m certain is going to be a great series. The plot of this book is unlike anything I have ever read before, the concept of the characters and the storyline is completely original and pulls the reader in very early on. I look forward to reading more from the author and following them on their journey as an author.

  • Victoria Knightley

    The idea for this story is really well thought out and interesting. The character development and backstory are intriguing while the character dialogue is quirky however the way the sentences are structured and set up is quite distracting as at times you don't realize the dialogue has changed from one character to the next which unfortunately does take away from the overall story at times. If you can get past that it is worth the read as there really isn't another book quite like this one. It's unique and captivating enough to overlook the few flaws in the sentence structure. It is a vengeance story with so many intriguing characters and a plot that has you sucked in and wanting to know more right from the very start. It is a quick read with short chapters but overall worth taking a look. It has great potential. I recommend it to anyone from young adults to senior citizens.

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