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The Island of Mora Mora: A Journey into Madagascar-bookcover

By: Tyrel Cameron Eskelson

The Island of Mora Mora: A Journey into Madagascar

Pages: 204 Ratings: 5.0
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Mora Mora – Things on the Island of Madagascar happen slowly or they don’t happen at all. Set your patience to full, adjust your expectations for anything, and be prepared to witness some of the world’s most fascinating experiences.

Madagascar’s natural history is its national treasure but its present and future is dire. Caught in a Malthusian Trap, the population is expanding, and the disappearance of the original natural landscape is all but complete. This book captures the island at an important time in its history, because whether the future will be better or worse, it will be different.

Join author Tyrel Cameron Eskelson on his solitary adventurous journey to four corners of the island of Madagascar, in the overcrowded taxi-brousse, a notorious sinking ferry, old colonial trains, sketchy motorcycle rides, ox-driven carts, and at other times he straps on his pack and walks several days through the secluded rainforest mountains.

He witnesses shamans as they summon the spirits of the dead, and at other times wakes up feeling like death after a night drinking the local spirits. He interacts with scientists, dodges scallywags, and at times goes right inside the homes of the local people. Driven by curiosity, Eskelson brings the island to life with his eye for detail and command of history.  

Full of humorous observations and exciting encounters, this book is an example of the future of good old-fashioned travel writing. Whether you’re on an adventure or waiting for your next one, this unique tale of travel will entertain, inspire, and make you wish there was more.


Tyrel grew up in central Canada in the Prairie town of Rosetown Saskatchewan. Since 2017, he has been working for Hokkaido University’s Faculty of Education where he currently holds a DX Fellowship and is in the final stages of completing a PhD. He currently lives in the city of Sapporo, Japan, where he splits his time between his family and reading and writing history and travel. 

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1 reviews
  • Ann Göth

    Slowly, slowly – Mora Mora – is the theme of this book, which introduces you vividly to the different facets of life in Madagascar. Over three months, Tyrel traveled through many different parts of this fascinating country. His detailed travel accounts let you hear the speech of the locals, smell the vegetation in the mountain forests, and imagine the colors of the chameleons, lemurs, and other wildlife encountered. He encourages travelers to this island to accept the laid-back, slow approach to life, which can cause havoc to travel arrangements and other planning and brings a certain thrill to the travel narrative. Tyrel has a special skill of connecting with people of all backgrounds, which leads to fascinating insights into the Malagasy ways of thinking and doing. This book is not just a great read for anybody wanting to visit Madagascar but also highly recommended for all those generally interested in other cultures and environments.

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