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The Mysterious Robbery of Big Ben-bookcover

By: John Josteins

The Mysterious Robbery of Big Ben

Pages: 264 Ratings: 5.0
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The Mysterious Robbery of Big Ben is a fantasy story. The king from a mysterious planet called Oxon had a dream of being in London and saw the Big Ben and loved this great clock. He tried to build a similar great clock. However, his architect couldn’t build such things. The king launched a contest to reward anyone who could make his dream project come true. But no one came forward to fulfil his dreams. Until, when the king was so desperate he received a mysterious letter from an unknown sender by promising to him that he could make his dream come true. But on one condition: to marry his only daughter, the Princess of Light. Finally, a young man called Winn Blitzzer presented himself before the king promised to him that he could steal the great clock the king needed in the City of London on planet Earth, it was the only way to get it. The king thought that is was a joke and fanciful idea. He said to the mysterious young man to go ahead, if he could achieve his promises. Finally, Winn Blitzzer came to steal the world’s most famous clock on New Year’s Eve in London. The mysterious disappearance of Big Ben that would leave the UK and the whole world in shock, without any explanation of how this unthinkable thing had happened without anyone seeing anything…

John Josteins is a lawyer of British and Spanish citizenship. He was born on 1 February 1965 in Equatorial Guinea, where his father from Mallorca, Spain was an Air Force officer. At that time, it was still a Spanish territory in the Gulf of Guinea in Africa before it became independent on 12 October 1968.

He earned two degrees in Law and Political Science from the University of Complutense in Madrid and speaks Spanish, English and French (as well as Fang, a dialect from his mother’s side spoken in Central Africa by the Bantou sub-ethnic group). He is very proud of the mixed European and African heritage that he carries with him in mind, body and soul, and that makes him feel like a citizen of the world, free of borders. As a living example of fraternity between the two continents, it has given him a unique perspective of the world and of life.

He moved to London many years ago where he has lived and worked ever since, eventually becoming a British citizen. He is very fond of the United Kingdom, and in particular London, to him, one of the most beautiful, dynamic and multicultural cities on Earth. He feels at home there in the city that has welcomed him with open arms. It has captivated his soul and imagination such that he feels a special bond with the city, like a friendship with unconditional trust. If a city could have a conscience and be aware of the world around it, the way it has shaped people for centuries, London would be very proud indeed to know the achievements and successes it has made over the centuries that will continue to attract and inspire many generations to come, as it has inspired the author to write this book.

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1 reviews
  • Ursula

    It made me feel nostalgic for London. The book captures the special place that Big Ben represents for Londoners and why the people of Oxon wanted to steal it.

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