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The Needle and the Damage Done-bookcover

By: Dr Patrick Treacy

The Needle and the Damage Done

Pages: 398 Ratings: 4.8
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The Needle and the Damage Done is the story of a boy from a small Irish village who became an adventurer, multi-award-winning doctor and physician to the stars. Part travelogue, part thriller, part celebrity tell-all, the memoir is a whirlwind of adventure and a fascinating insight into the colourful life of Dr Patrick Treacy.

Cosmetic doctor Patrick Treacy grew up in rural Northern Ireland during The Troubles. Determined to become a doctor, he raised money for medical school in Dublin by smuggling cars from Germany to Turkey. He studied biochemistry at Queens University Belfast and medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons. While working in a Dublin hospital, he was accidentally jabbed with a needle from an HIV patient. He took blood test after blood test for many years until he was confirmed negative. Initially overwhelmed by the experience, he moved to New Zealand, away from everyone who knew what he was going through: his girlfriend and his colleagues. Thus, he began a peripatetic existence, working as a doctor around the world. In Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad, Treacy was arrested and imprisoned, spending days wondering whether he was going to be hanged as a spy. He worked as a ship’s surgeon in California and with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. On returning to Dublin, Treacy set up the Ailesbury Clinic where he pioneered the emergent field of cosmetic dermatology, championing treatments regarding the use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. His award-winning research brought him numerous international accolades and many celebrity patients, including the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, who came flocking to his door.

Central to this memoir is Treacy’s personal journey: his efforts to escape the conflict of The Troubles, coping with the fear that he may have contracted HIV, getting over his lost love and surviving the crippling Irish recession. Most of all, it gives us a fascinating insight into his award-winning research on the influence of Botox ® on the brain and how he developed protocols to reverse the damage being done to patient’s faces as a result of the complications of dermal fillers.

Dr Treacy was awarded the “Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World 2019” at the MyFaceMyBody Global Awards (Las Vegas). He won the ‘Doctor of the Year’ UK 2019 (Las Vegas) and ‘Doctor of the Year’ UK and Ireland 2018 at the Safety in Beauty Diamond Award (London). He won the Royal Society of Medicine (London) Research Poster Award 2019. He is among a few doctors in the world to have won the coveted AMEC Trophy three times (Paris 2014 and 2016, Monaco 2019) for varied research relating to the use of stem cells and platelets in treating cancer cachexia and reversing skin necrosis. He won the MyFaceMyBody Trophy in London (2016) for medical research and was Highly Commended (London 2012 and 2013) for studies relating to the use of platelet-rich plasma, growth signalling factors and 633nm red light in both facial rejuvenation and hair transplant. These types of procedures are now popularised and being used by clinicians all around the world. He was given the CCME Medal for “Excellence in contributions to Aesthetic Medicine” (Mexico 2016) and was Highly Commended in “Doctor of the Year” Category (London 2016).

He is recognised as one of the most influential aesthetic practitioners in the world being named for the third time amongst the MyFaceMyBody “Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders” (Las Vegas 2019, Los Angeles 2018, London 2017). He received the MyFaceMyBody Specialist Award (London 2018) for research contributions to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded a Laureate in Aesthetic Medicine by the Azerbaijani College of Medicine and given the Beauty & Anti-Ageing Trophy (Baku 2017) for contributions to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded the 1st AIDA Trophy for his research in Aesthetic Medicine (Abu Dhabi 2017). His research has strongly influenced this specialist area where he has developed global protocols relating to dermal filler complications and wound healing, as well as pioneering techniques for HIV facial lipodystrophy facial endoprostheses and radiosurgery venous thermocoagulation. He won both the “Irish Healthcare Award for Medical Research” (Dublin 2017) and the “British College of Aesthetic Medicine Award for Medical Research” (London 2017).

Dr Treacy was Chairman of the Organising Committee of Royal Society of Medicine (London) Aesthetic Congress 2019, Chairman of the Irish Association of Cosmetic Doctors, and the Irish Representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Medicine. He serves on the editorial boards of five international aesthetic journals. He is author and co-author of many articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has contributed to chapters of medical books.

Dr Treacy is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society of Arts (London). He is Chairman of the Ailesbury Humanitarian Foundation and is the driving force behind countless humanitarian efforts that impact the lives of children in communities across Africa, Haiti, and the Third World. To this end, he has opened orphanages in Monrovia, Liberia, and Mirebalais, Haiti. He practices cosmetic medicine in his clinics in Dublin and Cork. He is an advanced aesthetic trainer and has trained over 3,500 doctors and nurses from around the world. He has featured on CNN, Dr Drew, RTÉ, TV3, Sky News, BBC, and Newsweek.

Customer Reviews
13 reviews
13 reviews
  • Rebecca McMahon

    While reading 'The Needle and the Damage done' following in the footsteps of Patrick Treacy, he offers a coming of age story about a man finding himself living in rural Ireland through the hardest time the country was ever to see to travelling the world and becoming the worlds number one aesthetic practitioner. Treacy is a gifted writer with fluid prose and insightful observations of the many adventures he been on through his life. Being present when the Berlin wall came down to the glamorous life of a surgeon on a prestigious cruise line to being held captive by Sudan Hussein. Using the narrator’s personal interactions to illuminate the diversity of aesthetic medicine and how through his own research that it was grown within modern society today. The writer brings you on the epic journey of his life that is steeped in travel, love, adventure, politics and the world of medicine and how it had developed as aesthetic medicine which today roars through modern society.

    Patrick Treacys poignant memoir The Needle and the Damage done is gripping page turner and I truly felt as if I was on a rollercoaster like journey reading this book full of excitement, wonderful experience steeped in optimism, risk and sheer excitement. As well as giving me a wonderful sense of determination and persistence, I also got an insight into the more enduring times in his life as he faced many trials and tribulations in his early life as a boy growing up in the height of the troubles in northern Ireland and the journey as a young Doctor who later becomes the best aesthetic doctor in the world.

    This memoir brings us on the writers life journey as a young boy growing up to smuggling cars in Europe to raise the tuition fees to become a Doctor. Falling in love and living life to the fullest in Greece and Germany as a young man to practicing medicine in New Zealand and Australia. Treacy is a gifted writer with fluid prose and insightful observations of the many adventures he has been on. From treating the king of pop Michael Jackson as well as being held captive by Sudan Hussein.
    The Narrator’s personal interactions illuminates the diversity of life and how courage can bring you on any journey you desire. It shows how life can take many turns and how with the right spirit you can do and become what your heart truly desires.

    The writer looks at Aesthetic medicine as an area of continuous development and how through his own research it has developed and grown within modern society. The Needle and The Damage done is a page turner that you do not want to leave down as you just cant wait to see what adventure the next chapter brings. The writer brings you on the epic journey of his life that is steeped in travel, adventure, politics, the world of medicine that now roars through modern society.
    When the writers mother passed away, he was overtaken by grief and he spent the next number of years in Ireland and focusing in his new business The Ailesbury Clinic. Grief lifts as the book progresses, and happy memories begin to eclipse the sadness as The Ailesbury Clinic which was situated on Irelands most distinguished roads, Ailesbury Road located in Dublin 4. The Ailesbury Clinic still continues to grow successfully and has won clinic of the year in Ireland and the UK repeatedly.

    The book is organised into chapters that encapsulate the most adventurous and special moments were love and wonderful experience are steeped in optimism, risk and sheer excitement. The writer, as well as giving me a wonderful sense of determination and persistence, I also got an insight into the more enduring times in his life as he faced many trials and tribulations his early life and the journey as a young Doctor who later becomes the best aesthetic practitioner in the world. .

    Beautiful, historic and truly breath taking photographs in the book are symbolic images are included perfectly to give an exact insight into this incredible journey that the writer has been on through his life. One features the knocking down of the Berlin wall, and others of the writer with many celebrities who he has met along the way. Others are heart felt photographs of the Doctors humanitarian work in Haiti and Africa. These photographs also function as pieces of a puzzle that is the life of Dr Patrick Treacy. Researcher, Educator, Adventurer and Doctor to many wonderful patients in Ireland and all around the world.
    The Needle and The Damage done is a beautiful memoir about how life can be as much of an adventure as you want it to be as pointed out by Doctor Patrick Treacy in the stunning, gripping, informative page turner.

  • Page turning autobiography

    What an amazing life, Dr Treacy sounds like an amazing humanitarian and physician

  • Caroline O'Connor

    Fantastic book! It's a real page turner. Written beautifully with such engaging stories. I highly recommend this book!

  • Kevin Donagher

    This book by Dr Treacy is a real page turner, from his eventful youth growing up during the troubles in N Ireland, his drive and determination in becoming a doctor and the path it took, to his pioneering and world class work as a leader in his medical field. The writer takes you on an adventurous journey which is one of travel, love, family, politics and humanitarianism to the development, innovation and leadership in the field of aesthetic medicine which is so prominent today. Dr Treacy’s exciting life is peppered with key world events eg being present when the Berlin wall came down, the earthquake in Haiti, his humanitarian work for underprivileged children in Africa and being held captive by Saddam Hussein, all of which have influenced his outlook and vision.
    The book features his struggles along the way; his travels to Germany, Istanbul and Turkey with the sole determination of raising enough funds to put him through medical school. After qualifying, the amazing story portrays such a varied life as a medic eg being a ship’s surgeon on the Carnival Cruise lines in America, a doctor with the Royal Flying Doctors in Australia, a hospital doctor in Baghdad during the political turmoil in Iraq to his work as the top aesthetic practitioner in the world. The book is laced with photographs which demonstrate the cultural relativism of people he met in countries travelled, medical colleagues around the world and celebrities, all of whom have influenced him along the way.
    Superbly written, The Needle and The Damage Done is a wonderful memoir about life and how it can be what you want if you have the determination and drive to succeed. When you read this book, you will slide down a rabbit hole of adventure, excitement, ground-breaking medical innovation and history in the making events that epitomise the intriguing and unique life that is Dr Patrick Treacy. I highly recommend you to read it.

  • Jenny McCarron

    Dr Patrick Treacy is a gifted writer capturing many themes beautifully within his book. Anyone who has grown up in rural or small town in Ireland will relate to his account of life growing up here. This book takes the reader on fascinating adventures around the world, on the writer’s personal journey of resilience in the face of challenges and also gives insights into medical innovations in ways that are easily understood for those of us without a medical background. Patrick’s story inspires a sense of excitement about life’s possibilities & reflects the boundless potential that lies within all of us when we are willing to embrace it.

  • Jenny

    This book is exceptional in its honesty, and inspiring for anyone who gets their hands on it. The author is eloquent and real, courageous and curious. Treacy provides a cleareyed view of the medical profession that both resonates and gives pause. In analysis, he spares no one---himself included. Science.

    I rarely read memoirs. Too often the author spends far too much time painting themselves in the best possible light and/or justifying their behavior. It is a rare and gifted author that can objectively describe a personal event without infusing it with strong emotions. He describes his intense and insane mindset without previously establishing his basic personality.

    This is an excellent strategy as his writing style and brief "normal" clearly defines him as an intelligent and engaging gentleman. It's incredibly well written, and the author does a remarkable job about being open and honest, in even unflattering ways, to be true to the story and to present an accurate picture of everything he went through in his life so far.

    It was a page-turner--and it was also all true. A fine balance of personal story blended with real science. Loved this book; couldn't put it down, and went back to work with a renewed sense of purpose. I'm a fan. A good writer and a good doc. What more could I ask for?

  • Laura Blake

    Dr. Treacy’s tales of his adventurous life inspired me and would inspire anyone who needs an inspiration in their life. He is so talented and a brilliant doctor who has a heart to help others. His desire to research and teach other doctors is really strong and he is a kind and a humble man with a heart of gold.

    Dr Treacy’s story is a guide about his compassion, talent, dedication and honesty. His life experiences brought him to this level and his journey is really inspiring. Treacy is a gifted writer with insightful observations of the many adventures he been on through his life. Patrick shared his journey to become a world class dermatologist to famous international celebrities. On every page, you will see a new adventure and new achievement.

    Anyone who has grown up in rural or small town in Ireland will relate to his journey. This book takes the reader on his fascinating adventures around the world. This book also gives you a deep knowledge into medical innovations in ways that are easily understood for everyone even if you are not into a medical background.

    It is a highly inspirational read. It will motivate you to move forward in your life, overcoming all the obstacles life throws in your way.

  • Eliza

    Whenever I get a chance to know about someone journey of self-transformation, I just cannot miss that opportunity. So when I came across this book, I couldn't help myself.

    This book is a journey of the Author, tales of his adventures, providing a fascinating insight into the colourful life of Dr Patrick Treacy.
    This book offers insights about the difficult phases of his life and how he changed his direction. He was brave, honest, determined, and a kind hearted person. After reading 30 to 40 pages, I kept my fingers crossed because I love to see new adventure on every page and guess what? It did not disappoint me! I was so happy upon reading the end and his achievements. The path he created for himself changed his life and I really learned so many positive things from his journey.

    Reading about someone's struggle is very difficult for me, especially because I know I can get emotional easily. This book has my heart and RESPECT and this Author is an inspiration for me. He gave me hope, dreams, positivity, and so much motivation. His story is EXCEPTIONAL! I loved his story and marveled at his style of writing, timing, and delivery. Great job! I've enjoyed his book so much and it was heartwarming for me to know the steps he took to overcome adversities and grow into a strong, successful multi-award-winning doctor and physician to the stars.

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