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By: Susan McGovern

The She Team

Pages: 188 Ratings: 5.0
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Five animals, four cats and a dog, are all black and white and are females, but they have two more things in common not apparent at first – they have all been treated badly in different ways by a number of humans and they all have a superpower which helps them to get away from the baddies. Two kind brothers, nine-year-old Diarmuid and seven-year-old Eoghan, rescue the cats Smig, Ebi, Trig and Róisín and the dog, Mags, and persuade their parents to take them all into their home.

The animals do not like each other at first, but eventually Mags persuades the cats to abandon their differences and unite together to form The She Team. Her encouraging words, “Don’t get mad, get even!” convince them that they will work together to stop their tormentors from hurting other animals. They are confident that their superpowers will help them achieve their goal.

Susan McGovern lives in Dundalk, Ireland, with her husband Padraig, two cats and a dog. Guess their names! Yes – the cats are Trig and Ebi and the dog is Mags. Smig was a cat they had for many years, but she sadly died. “What about Róisín?” I hear you ask. She is Diarmuid and Eoghan’s cat. And who are they? Susan and Padraig’s grandchildren! And so you have met most of the cast of The She Team. The cast does not include Susan and Padraig, who, although slightly mad, are not mad enough to be in The She Team.

Customer Reviews
12 reviews
12 reviews
  • Marie Therese

    I bought The She Team for my niece’s ninth birthday. She absolutely loved it! Aimée is an animal lover, so that was a great start, but she fell in love with the five animal characters, especially Ebi, the one pushing the wheelbarrow on the cover of the book. “They’re so clever, Aunty,” she said. “You’d want to see the way they solved all the problems.” Buying The She Team has gotten me into trouble with my sister, though since Aimée now wants a cat and a dog for Christmas.

  • Florence Hiber

    I bought this book as a gift for my grandchildren for Christmas but before I gave it to themI decided to read it myself. It’s a great story told through the eyes of five animals, four cats and a dog. It has some good lessons in it about working together to accomplish what you want. I loved it and my grandchildren loved it even more.

  • Karen Morgan

    This is a very enjoyable book, which is well suited to children aged 6-12 years. It tells a great story of five animals who have been poorly treated by humans. These animals who are all female come together to form the She Team to get back at the humans who were cruel to them and prevent them from harming other animals. They work very well together and use their superpowers as a formidable team.
    I have found this to be a great book for children aged 6-12 which is gripping, exciting and well illustrated.

  • Sally O’Neill

    I asked my mammy to buy the She Team for me cos the animals on the cover looked really cool. The story about them was really cool too and I really liked the book. There were four cats and a dog and they all had cool superpowers. My favourite animal was Mags, the dog, and she had the coolest superpower of all. If she pressed her ear with her paw or against a wall, she could understand what any animal or human said. This was a very useful superpower in the story. My mammy was very good to buy The She Team for me and she helped me with this too.

  • Maureen Marron

    We all know that cats are intelligent creatures, but Smig, Ebi, Trig and Roisin with their special powers had the edge. Mags was an outsider, being a dog, but she too had a special power and was clever enough to 'wangle' her way into the inner circle which were the cats. After sharing their cruel pasts with each other, it seemed natural that they would come up with plans to save other animals from the same fate. As a 'Grandmother' reading a child's book, I was surprised at how eager I was to turn the pages to see what happened. I also love happy endings and wasn't disappointed.

    Maureen Marron

  • Bríd Rocks

    Read The She Team in one sitting. Great story about the 4 cats and Mags the dog who become The She Team and work together to resolve injustices they have encountered. Really enjoyed reading it and is definitely on my list of recommendations for children 9-12 and on my present list for friends’ children. Loved the illustrations too!

  • Sarah Gilbert

    What a great read! Everyone loves to see the underdog rise up and win over adversity and that’s exactly what happens in The She Team. Hateful humans and their cruelty to animals draws us in and we root for The She Team from beginning to end! There’s even a lesson in there about acceptance of others! Definitely recommend!

  • Thomas Gilbert

    The She Team was great. I enjoyed the theme and the storyline. I loved Mags, as I have a dog and could imagine him in that role. I thought it was ingenious how the animals could use the internet! And I loved to see animals showing how clever they are and winning against some of the nasty humans who wanted to hurt them. I hope The She Team have another adventure!

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