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The Unpredictable Past-bookcover

By: F. N Peters

The Unpredictable Past

Pages: 82 Ratings: 5.0
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Visiting the past would be akin to visiting a foreign country; the people speak in different tongues, dress in unfamiliar garbs, and behave in an alien manner. Just like visiting a foreign country, seemingly universal truths would get shattered upon impact. Our imaginations often prove incapable of fully grasping the all-encompassing cultural aspects that are present in a foreign country.

Throughout this book, you will be guided through a foreign past to see how our modern world has been shaped by the often-unpredictable whims of fate, chance occurrences and downright luck. In each chapter, you will travel to a new region and time period, being globally guided through eras ranging from European antiquity to twentieth-century Japan.

It is often said that one only appreciates home after having been abroad. By the same token, you will increase your understanding and appreciation for the present after having delved into The Unpredictable Past.

F.N Peters is a young financial consultant with a background in academia and a passion for history. His writing combines historical events and present-day actualities in a humorous and light-hearted manner, making it accessible for both the historical novice and the seasoned historian. Peters writes about a broad range of topics and uses his various fields of knowledge to make his stories more colourful. This is particularly so when he analyses the economic and societal pressures that created the circumstances for certain historical phenomena. In his most recent work, he light-heartedly pokes at the deterministic historians of the modern age.

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1 reviews
  • Cara

    This book was a really entertaining read! As someone who doesn't know a lot about history, this was a great book to dip my toe in with its light tone. It's really inspired me to learn more about the time periods explored in the book. From British colonialism to battles in Japan, I loved the overarching theme of the small decisions and external forces that shape historical outcomes. The author is a skilled writer and makes learning about history engaging and fun. Highly entertaining, highly informative and highly recommended!

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