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By: Madu De Silva

The Wake-up Call

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What if the world had never been tainted by sin and evil? What if Adam and Eve had resisted the temptation of the forbidden fruit? How would our history and faith have been different? Would we still have needed God, or would God still have wanted us, in such a perfect world?

Now, imagine attaining immortality, defying the graceful ageing and inevitable death. You find yourself in an Eden-like setting where your sole duty is to sing praises for the creator, living forever with no sin, no emotions, no physical form, and no attachments except for the service of God. The allure of eternal life, as depicted in various religious texts, often presents an image of endless existence in a paradise-like setting. However, the reality of such an existence may not be as idyllic as it first appears.

Imagine, for instance, your favourite meal. The first taste is a revelation, the hundredth still delightful. But the thousandth? The millionth? Even the most divine delicacies could become mundane. Similarly, consider a favourite song or a beloved film. Repeated endlessly, even these could lose their charm. In an eternal life, where each day mirrors the last, the pleasures we savour in our mortal lives could become tedious.

Compare this with our finite existence, shaped by time. Each day brings a new opportunity, every encounter could change our lives, and every challenge helps us grow. Growing old, often seen negatively, is a mark of our wisdom and experience. The beauty of ageing is a tribute to life itself.

At some point, whether you are a devout cleric or a God-fearing layman, you have wondered about questions that challenge your beliefs, your interpretation of the Bible, and what you have learned. The Wake-Up Call invites you to explore the Bible from a completely new angle. It’s not a demand to change what you believe, but to learn things from a different perspective. The readers who accept this invitation will find it rewarding, and I promise you a delightful journey.

This book is not just a critique of God, the Bible, and Abrahamic religions. It’s a reflection of our convictions, a challenge to look beyond the obvious, and a call to question the unquestionable. Are you courageous enough to answer the call? Are you prepared for the shock of the new insight? If so, open the book and start your journey. The road may be tough, but the rewards are priceless.

This is your wake-up call. Will you heed it? The choice is yours.

Madu and his wife share their home in Central Queensland with two beautiful daughters. A practicing evangelical Christian for 35 years, he is now a secular humanist who is on a mission to portray the Bible from an entirely new perspective.

Once he was a musician, then businessman and finally a self-proclaimed homicide detective specialised in biblical war crimes. Other than that, not much is known about Madu De Silva, and he prefers to keep it that way.

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