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By: David Ridgway


Pages: 254 Ratings: 4.8
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Two conflicting weather systems, after wreaking havoc in North America and the West Indies, come across the Atlantic, the first in the far North, the second moving swiftly past the Azores. Both are held up by a massive anti-cyclone over Northern Russia and intensify, the first in the North Sea off Norway, blowing a hurricane southward, the second centred over Oxford, blowing a hurricane up the English Channel.

During the spring tides in February, these systems meet off Dogger Bank, creating a massive storm surge, which firstly devastates Holland and the northern European coastline before moving up the River Thames. The wave is so high, it swamps the container ports and the Thames Barrier, bringing chaos, havoc and destruction to London.

After flooding the road tunnels at Dartford, the sea-surge inundates the London City Airport before entering the underground, firstly at London Bridge, flooding the rail tunnels under massive pressure, causing death, destruction and disaster.

David, an A level student who is aware of these weather systems, cuts school to travel into Central London with his girlfriend. They witness the wave crashing through Tower Bridge, ripping HMS Belfast from its moorings and demolishing part of London Bridge, flooding Bermondsey and Southwark and toppling the London Eye.

This story is about an event which could happen, how individuals might react under such stress and pressure and what the outcome could be.

David is a graduate of the University of Life. He had a variety of jobs, always inselling, before starting a career in financial services. He has served as amagistrate and a local borough councillor, before being elected the Mayor ofKirklees in 2012. Married with three grown-up and successful children, David isnow retired, giving him time for his grandchildren, his garden and his writing.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Anonymous

    A thrilling story about what could really happen in London and elsewhere, with global warming, rising tides, Thames Barrier failing etc.

    You get to know the characters as acquaintance's and want them to cope and survive that Thursday.

    Get buying and reading, it is breathtaking.

  • Alison Roberts

    This was one of those books you fall into. I wasn't really planning on spending a whole day reading but that's how it worked out!
    You end up knowing the characters and become concerned as to their survival in the tidal flood that smashes into London. It's written as if it will become a film but the description of the wave hitting London is convincingly accurate, as if it has happened, or will.
    The story is set in the present day but it could also be the future, but only a couple of years ahead. Obviously the current CV19 situation has upturned that for accuracy, the writer makes this into a realistic and enthralling adventure!

  • Peter Jackson

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. The narrative trundled along beautifully. I never once got bored, which can happen with some books. Your Meteorological info was impressive. You either did some thorough research or it is a hobby of yours.
    The characters were very well fleshed out and the juvenile sex scenes were remarkably well painted. I am amazed that our memory is that good!!!

  • Jenny Hill

    This is one of the most exciting books I have read about the weather.

    The torrential rain that the world has had recently is the most fantastic advertisement for this book.

    For people living in the S and SE of England it should open their eyes to what could really happen, any day soon.

    The opportunity has arisen, use it - don't lose it!

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