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By: Brindley Hosken

Up Long Meadow

Pages: 206 Ratings: 4.7
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Brindley Hosken’s farm, Withan, is a difficult, hilly patch of ground situated on the Lizard peninsula in the south of Cornwall. His land runs down to Frenchman’s Creek. One of the most peaceful, beautiful, and restful spots you are ever likely to find today.

When Brindley was asked to write a farming column for the local magazine, The Meneage Messenger, in 2007, he could not have known where it would take him. Developing a love for writing, his second book, Up Long Meadow, chronicles the history of his farming life over sixty years. As farming has changed from primarily manual, physical work to more tractor-driven he explores how, as a farmer, he has adapted to the changes that have been deemed progress.

His love of Cornwall and especially his locality on the south side of the Helford River shine through in this book, and hopefully will give the reader an understanding of the myriad of different histories and life stories that each farm and farmer have.

Brindley Hosken is a farmer who has lived and farmed by the beautiful Helford riveron the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall for all of his life. He has been married to Ruth for thirty-seven years and they have three children and five grand-children. Brindley has served as a parish Councillor for thirty-five years. He was a school Governor for eight years and is currently Vice President of Cornwall Young Farmers Club. His first book, Cows and Catastrophes, was published six years ago.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • John Head

    by Brindley Hosken
    When did you last read a book in which the author dedicated it to his grandchildren? This
    very act confirmed to me what I already knew, Brindley Hosken is a special type of
    From the very start, he tells his life story in an uncomplicated, honest way. As his
    veterinary surgeon and I hope friend, for many years, I read the book whilst often nodding
    in agreement with what he was saying about the changing world of farming and rural life in
    Over the years this book will prove to be an excellent and accurate historical record of the
    last 60 years or so of country life. This book will appeal to people from all walks of life and
    the reader will benefit from Brindley's understanding of the world around him.
    Amusing, sad, philosophical, and above all educational. A rare insight into a true man of the
    soil and his family.
    I just have one complaint, he didn't mention the time when one of his cows kicked me to the

  • Wendy Bailey

    Brindley Hoskin’s farm is situated at the top of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. It is in a beautiful area, surrounded by glorious countryside and alongside the picturesque Helford River. But the land is hilly and not easy to farm. Whilst this book is an autobiographical story of one farmer in West Cornwall, it covers so much more that it will interest a diverse range of readers.

    Brindley traces his own journey through a farming life lived in a corner of Cornwall which is beautiful but can be harsh. His family ancestry and history are rooted in the Lizard Peninsula and surrounding area, and he covers this with the detail of the farms and farming communities that have affected his and his family’s lives, bringing history to life.

    Technical detail, facts and figures of farming practices back up the chronicle of moving from hands-on physical methods to mechanisation. These are always related to the story and in a quantity that never becomes boring. The significance of political decisions and national disasters on his life, farming practices and finances are covered and will be familiar to anyone who follows the news.

    Running through the whole book is a deep love of family and Cornwall and an openness about personal tragedies and problems when they affect the story.

    As contrast to farming, Brindley and his wife walked the South West Coast Path in easy stages over 11 years and this journey is carefully documented to inspire everyone to walk more.

    This fascinating and informative book engages all the emotions and there is so much packed into one short book that could be expanded that it is hoped that there are many more books to come from this author.

  • David Cromey

    “Up Long Meadow” is Brindley’s second book, after “Cows and Catastrophes”. In some ways, the new one builds on the first, but it is also quite different in style and in its material.
    “Up Long Meadow” tells the story of two aspects of farming life in South West Cornwall. On one hand, it provides a fascinating illustration of the life of a man who has dedicated himself to a career as a dairy farmer, outlining the ups and downs, triumphs and challenges faced by anyone in that situation.

    On the other hand, Brindley describes in some detail the aspects of his personal and family life which have shaped his decision-making over the course of his life to date. He outlines his involvement in and commitment to his local community, and the unusual, difficult and sometimes very emotional events which have influenced his farming career. The involvement of family, friends, neighbours and the local geography have all contributed to the way he played the cards he has been dealt.

    His love for the countryside and traditions of the Lizard Peninsula comes across clearly and humorously in his writing, as does his determination to do what he can to preserve a way of life which is clearly under threat. His writing carries great fun at some moments, and great sadness at others; it is never dull!

    Anyone who has an interest in life in rural Cornwall will thoroughly enjoy Brindley’s second book, “Up Long Meadow”.

    There is a very sad post-script to this review. On 10th October 2023, less than 3 months after 'Up Long Meadow' was published, Brindley collapsed in the farmyard while discussing the day's work with his son, David. In spite of the efforts of his family, who were with him, and the paramedics who attended so promptly, he passed away of a heart attack at that time.
    Such a sad and untimely end to a very full and generous life, and a poignant addendum to this book. He will always be remembered so warmly by everyone who knew him.

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