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By: India Watson


Pages: 174 Ratings: 4.4
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Harriet is a vampire, somewhere around her mid four-hundreds, and is literally a perpetual student. Despite having been around since before the Salem witch trials, she has no idea what she wants to do with the rest of her eternity. During one of her lectures, a gunman comes in and shoots her lecturer, which is annoying because they are short-staffed enough as it is. Although Mr. Jones is a demon and can’t die, his biggest concern is the bullet hole in his head and having to apply for a new passport.

Harriet needs to solve her lecturer’s non-murder, work out who would want to kill someone who can’t die, and somehow make it through her degree. She reluctantly drags along her overenthusiastic friend, the grumpy werewolf who runs the local coffee shop, and a teenage witch hell-bent on revolution.

She isn’t sure how she ended up trying to solve a murder, but anything would be better than writing her dissertation.


India Watson is an avid reader, regular writer and sometimes adrenaline junkie. A graduate in psychology, she lives in Shropshire with her family and animals and focuses her spare time on walking and writing. She enjoys dark humour, quirky plots, and ragtag groups in found families. #vampireproblems is her debut novel.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • teaandbooklover

    This is about Harriet who is a vampire and is almost 400 years old and she goes to a vampire university. There are also werewolves, demons and witches in this book. Demons and witches start to disappear and Harriet takes it upon herself to find out what is going in. She ropes in some of her friends to help her.⁠

    This was just a fun book to read. I can just see this book as a fun comedy slapstick kind of film.⁠

    I really liked all the characters and would love to read more about Harriet. I wish this book was a little bit longer or made into a series of fun adventures of Harriet.⁠

  • Mrs. Sian E. Kerr

    This book is awesome! I couldn't put it down and devoured it over a few days. There are some fantastic characters here, from our vampire heroine Harriet to Connor's identity crisis' Manning who was my personal favorite. The author is witty and clever and I laughed out loud several times. I also didn't see the ending coming and I always like to be kept on my toes. It's also clear that the author knows this world inside and out. I can't wait to read more.

  • Mr. R. Money

    The potential for another Linda La Plante. Annoying that the final draft wasn't accurately checked for typos the spellchecker doesn't spot. The story was an interesting escape from pandemic drama. Look forward to hearing about the next creation.

  • Fleur Watson

    Amazing characters and well written! A lovely read.

  • Laura

    I am completely obsessed with all things supernatural, especially Vampires and Werewolves so when I was approached to review this book, '#Vampire Problems' I couldn't wait to get started.
    This is YA fiction which means it's aimed at readers aged 12-18. I would say it has been written perfectly for ages 12-15 though.
    You follow the lives of an unlikely friendship group (vampire, werewolf, witch, and human) that have been thrown together to solve a mystery at the university. It does briefly cover some coming-of-age 'human' topics.
    The chapters are nice and short so perfect for holding the attention of younger readers and because it's not your average supernatural story, for example, vampires don't just drink blood in this story, you can't actually guess where the story is going or how it's going to end.

  • Toby Moughton


  • Debra

    I loved this book and found it to be an absolute page-turner, with relatable characters, a story that moved at a pace, and quirky / slightly dark humor - just my taste. Whilst the book is aimed at teens, twenties and maybe the early thirties age group I certainly enjoyed it and I am much older than that (50s and that is all I am admitting to). I think therefore this book would also appeal to the young at heart or anyone who likes to look at the world slightly unconventionally.
    India is an amazing talent to watch for the future and I hope that I get to see a second book out soon.

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