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Very Practical Magic-bookcover

By: Nicola Kelleher

Very Practical Magic

Pages: 146 Ratings: 4.7
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Master easy spellcraft. Written by Nicola Kelleher, this collection of spells is perfect for creating positive spells quickly and easily with everyday items around the home. This modern take on witchcraft will allow the reader to explore spellcraft and positive affirmations whilst learning about the world of witchcraft without the need of specialist tools. The book contains around 40 spells and offers insight into the properties of oils, candles and crystals. Each spell is fun and easy to perform and includes simple instructions. This book is designed to whet the appetite of would-be witches which should allow the reader to continue to build their own positive spells for future use.

Nicola Kelleher is a TV presenter and actress who has always had a passion for the paranormal. Growing up in Dorset, Nicola collected leaves and flowers to make pretend spells whilst other children played with dolls and teddies. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Nicola would always reply, “A witch.” Sadly, there were no available vacancies for witches on leaving school, so Nicola enrolled in drama college and later drama school in her birth-town of London. Nicola has acted in feature films, commercials and stage plays and in 2009, moved into TV presenting. She has travelled all over the world within the last decade and presented on many UK TV channels as well as wildlife TV shows on location in Africa and paranormal TV shows (of course) in the UK and USA. Nicola is also a psychic medium and reads for people from all over the world.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    Very Practical Magic: Modern Magic for Everyday Use by Nicola Kelleher is an interesting spellbook, to say the least. People interested in all different kinds of magic will be able to find something useful in this book. I just urge people to be sure of their intent before attempting any of these. Also, some of the spells suggest or even require the use of feathers and it may be important to note that the possession of specific feather in the US is not legal (something that I just learned recently) so users might just want to be aware of it.

    This short book of practical spells starts out with a small preface about the author and some basic information about when it is best to perform magic. The book explains what powers are strongest on each day of the week and by each phase of the moon. It then moves on to love spells but explains that even with these spells the caster can not force anyone to love them and should not attempt to do so. The spells for the home go over every subject from protection and cleaning to even selling and finding your dream home.

    No starter spellbook (and that is exactly what this is) would be complete without a section on bringing more wealth toward the user so long as it is not for greed. It contains spells to help bring new friends to you and cultivate current friendships. There is even a version of the Witch’s Ladder toward the back of the book as well. For all the pet lovers there are spells to protect or heal a pet who is sick, yet it encourages readers not to forgo proper medical care. No matter what the reader classifies themselves as or who their patron god/goddess (if applicable) is this book contains a spell for everyone.

    What I liked best is that the spells are simple and could easily be adapted for a specific use. I also really liked the list of crystals, herbs, oils, and candles at the back of the book. These lists are a great reference for anyone who wants to create their own spells or needs substitutions for an unavailable item.

    While I can not suggest an age range for this but there is a clear group of people this book is meant for. The main requirement is that the reader must believe in Magic (not the sleight-of-hand type) but real magic. I give this book a rating of 3 out of 4. The title is correct in saying that this is a book of very practical magic. Most of the spells have very few ingredients or requirements and do not take long to perform.

  • Sue Plunkett Thomas

    A great little book filled with very simple ideas, I used one of them to move house, very easy to use with concise , practical magic.
    Fabulous .

  • Sofia Simon Author

    I liked your book, very practical. When I was 5 years old,
    I had some dreams when a Witch Lady visited me at night.
    I always wanted to learn about magical things.
    Thank you for this practical book.

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