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Winter Solstice-bookcover

By: Elliott Ajai-Ajagbe Daley

Winter Solstice

Pages: 174 Ratings: 5.0
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Joshua, an Elandili* forced to flee the Empire Noel with his uncle as a boy, has returned and stands now at the precipice of his childhood dream. He's battled fear, doubt, rage and the tortured memories fuelling them, to ensure he's pitch perfect when meeting his Holiness; Christopher Nicholas Cringle, the Claus, war hero, spiritual leader and undisputed ruler of the empire. Perhaps their encounter will wash away some of the blood and terror staining the ties that bind them, perhaps not, but the plans have been laid and the deals have been made, so it's now or never! Christmas Eve, the one night he's away from his fortress 'The Workshop'. The one and only night Joshua has, not to save the world... but for revenge, and the death of the Holy Father Christmas! *Half Elf
Elliott Ajai-Ajagbe Daley is a storyteller through and through, the oldest of seven psychotic siblings, an actor, opera writer, a poet, playwright, teacher and director. He travels the world teaching spoken word, creative writing and drama. From masterclasses at the Brit School London to the village of Ekumfi Etsibeedu in Ghana and beyond, he performs on prestigious stages such as TedX, the V&A Museum and the Olympic/Paralympic Games. This book is just the first of many wild and wonderful tales... The 'Precipice of a Dream'!
Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Marta Esteban Martín

    This is my first graphic novel and I'm already excited about book 2! This was a funny, smart, exciting and suspenseful page-turner beautifully written and fantastically drawn. I am looking forward to more from this author.

  • Femi S.

    "So it was with some trepidation that i read this graphic novel for several reasons. The biggest of which is I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing and working with the erudite and eloquent gentleman responsible for this book and the thought of being disappointed and having to write a review about that did not fill me with any pleasantness.
    Another reason I was apprehensive was because I own and collect a lot of graphic novels and i mean a lot; and while I'm no expert in what is good and what isnt..I certainly know what I like and what I dont and i dont like fan fiction. I think it is a waste of page and ink if a creator cannot come up with an original idea and or set of characters. Laziness and unoriginality offend me as a writer.
    So it was with some baggage I opened this book and after i closed the last page all my worry was dispelled. Firstly this is not fan fiction it is a story that deals with revenge and the disparity of classes within a society. It has murder, intrigue and action. It deals with all these things within a society that worships a fat man in a red suit.. Claus is hardly in this book but he's mentioned everywhere and i loved that because it reflects how he is in our daily lives.. It is a world that feels familiar but yet completely original.
    While the art sometimes isn't my favourite there are some beautiful flourishes in the book that had me gazing at a page for a while. The story is always paramount and i loved where it went.. I loved the subject matter, the characters and satirical undertones of not just racism but also Christmas as a whole.
    Do yourself a favour and buy this book and thank me later. I cant wait for the next book."

  • Mac from London

    "Bought this book as a gift for someone else and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it! Physically the book feels really lovely to touch as its printed on high quality paper and bound very nicely. I won't spoil it too much here but if you're a fan of Tolkien's depiction of Elves be prepared to have your idea of them turned on its head! I know Xmas feels like a lifetime ago now but it definitely made me look at the 'idea' of the way we celebrate it in Western society.

    The story has many different threads and character arcs that left me wanting more. The back story that's explored at the end left me very curious! There's a beautiful character called Grace that I immediately took a liking to and I want to know more about her-like I said no spoilers but I enjoyed it."

  • R Mc

    Awesome, great read! This graphic novel really tackles some of the worst things about Christmas, the capitalism, the pressure on the family and the lack of representation for people of colour and women in this myth. I really loved every second of this exciting and emotional filled tale!! Will be reading AGAIN!!

  • Lauren

    5☆s Brilliant! Christmas isn't for everybody, but this book just might be! A unique and captivating portrayal of the Christmas myth, I'm excited to see what the author and illustrator come up with next because I definitely want more!

  • Stevie

    My first ever graphic novel and I LOVED IT! The idea is genius and the story well told. I hope the sequel comes out soon... in the meantime I will definitely be looking in to more graphic novels

  • L Prokop

    "Amazing idea. fantastic story, great pictures. High quality paper.
    It's absolutely amazing how is the story twisted. I am really looking forward for Volume 2."

  • Morgan Grant

    What a sick twist to an Iconic character! He’s trying to assassinate Santa... I need to say nothing more. Read it twice now. I’m praying theres more & I can’t wait! BAH HUMBUG!

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