‘A British War Dance’ is hitting the shelves in March
Lee Willmore’s book ‘A British War Dance’ will be launching in March at the Waterstones Covent Garden, London. Fans of historical fiction will appreciate the story set at the time of World War II. The protagonist of the book, James Ashfield, is sent to fight in the War. He spends time in Germany and sees the horrors of war. After he returns, he is not able to shake the events that took place on the frontlines. This is when he receives an opportunity that has the potential to change his life forever and ease the turmoil inside his mind. But that happiness is short-lived because soon he finds himself in the midst of events that threaten to make his life worst. This is Lee’s first book. Born and raised in West Midlands, he currently resides in Kent.
08, Mar 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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