‘The Butterfly Bee Lady and The Bee’ author will be at Harrow Waterstones
Ig Oliver will be at the Harrow Waterstones in July for a Book Signing of ‘The Butterfly Bee Lady and The Bee’. The beautiful daughter of the Butterfly Bee Lady and the lady herself are in some serious trouble. The queen’s twin sister Sindeena is up to no good and she is looking for a powerful magic. The evil sister’s minions are chasing after the mother and daughter but they must persist and keep the power out of her hands. She must not be allowed to open a door to a new world and bring forth terrifying creatures to do her bidding. Ig is a world-class chef and he has proven himself in kitchens around the globe. He tries his hand at writing for the first time by delivering a beautiful story accompanied by wonderful illustrations. His imagination and experiences helped him to create the world of the Butterfly Bee Lady.
28, Jul 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Bradshaw Community Primary School, Warrington