‘The Duck Trail’ to go to Sidmouth Library, Devon
The author of the book ‘The Duck Trail’, Steven G.Mathews will be going to the Sidmouth Library in Devon. The author will be promoting his new book during the visit. The story of the book is about a duckling whose name is Drake and he has this utmost inquisition about nature which compels him to go on adventures and explore his surroundings. It is Drake on a quest once when he gets lost and finds it difficult to catch his way back home. Will Drake find his way home or will he stay there in the wild for long? Will, he has to rely on his family and friends to follow his trail? Find out more in the book. Steven g. Mathews is a young ambitious author who loves to write poetry and poetic books. He finds it very relaxing and fun to write. He is currently studying for his professional procurement qualification. He likes to read and loves to write children’s books.
01, Sep 2018
Bartram Trail Library, 60 Davis Pond Boulevard, Fruit Cove, Florida 32259, USA