‘The Eighth Thought’ by Gordon Riche Made it to a Local Fair
Gordon Riche, author of ‘The Eighth Thought’ will be attending a Local Fair at Crawley Library in the Southgate Ave. A large number of locally based West Sussex authors will be available at this drop-in event to meet the public, talk individually about their writings and offer copies of their books for sale. ‘The Eighth Thought’ is a fantasy book which tells the tale of Ezra’s planet that was on the verge of being doomed. He has been assigned a chance of saving his planet or at least his people. Can he leave his old egotistical way of life and be a hero to serve the task that he has been offered? He walks towards the north with his mentally disabled brother in the search of an element that might save all. The author, Gordon Richie was born in London. He moved south at a very young age where he went to senior school. He is a retired engineer who finds solace in writing.   Find out more about the event by clicking here.
13, Oct 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
2 Gold St, Ottery Saint Mary EX11 1DG, UK