‘Farnborough Library’ Will be Presenting John Bell’s ‘Epitaph on a Beech Tree- A Tale of the Great War’ for Book Reading
The author, John Bell of ‘Epitaph on a Beech Tree- A Tale of the Great War’ will be going to ‘Farnborough Library’ for a book reading event. The author will be there for the promotion of his book. The Libraries throughout Hampshire are honoring the WW1 events in the months of October and November. This book is based on the War era. WW1 was a tragedy and it brought menace in many ways. Ben Robinson was one of many individuals who was affected by the War. He was a miner who became a dispatch rider during the War. He didn’t like to be a part of it but still managed to honor his services for three long years, for which he was awarded a Military Medal. His fight was not with the enemy outside but the enemy within. The author, John Bell was born in Nottingham. He built his career in music and is now working for adults with learning disabilities.
10, Nov 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Newton Abbot Library, Devon