‘Modern Love Podcast’ to Feature Katherine Webster’s ‘Becoming Madam Widow’
The ‘Modern Love Podcast’ which is a famous New York Times column, will feature Katherine Webster’s book, ‘Becoming Madam Widow’. The book is an autobiography of a widow whose husband’s sudden and devastating death left her in despair. Her life shatters into pieces and the fear of self-doubt, the financial crisis makes it challenging for her to survive. She lives in a small town where every day she wakes up with the hope to find a purpose for her life and wondering if she could actually go on. This is a true story of a woman who is faced by challenges and decisive actions that will either make her swim or sink. It is a do or die game for her. These are the hard lessons that will only make her strong and capable of dealing with her insecurities. The author, Katherine Webster is a designer and entrepreneur. She lost her husband in the very beginning, leaving her with a lot of turmoil in her life to deal with. She is a motivational and enlightened lady and this is her first book up to the date.
02, Oct 2018
Teignmouth Library, Devon