‘Once I Rise’ author to attend the Galdstone Pop Con
Visit the stall hosted by Tara Ingham, author of ‘Once I Rise’, at the Gladstone Pop Con in Queensland. The event takes place in May.   Visit the realm where the victims of unjust deaths are gathered and revenants roam to help them. These revenants can travel to the real world and back. Jonathan is a revenant and he meets Jane Doe one day and he tries to find a way to help her. The biggest hurdle is that she doesn’t remember anything about her previous life and how he ended up being the victim.   He has to find a way to learn her story and find the justice that she deserves. From the age of fourteen, Tara has been writing stories and creating strange worlds.  To feed her passion, she got a degree in Creative Writing and Literature.
12, May 2018
Cultural Community Solutions, Shirley Library, Wickham Road, Hartland Way, Shirley