‘Rough Music’ will be featured on Read On Air
Read On radio show is every book lovers dream, it features intriguing books and authors, inviting them to read excerpts for their listeners. Robin Driscoll’s ‘Rough Music’ is scheduled to appear on the show in the coming weeks. A web of deceit, theft, hitmen and money is masterfully woven by the author in the plot of this book. The protagonist, Rab MacBain, has made a huge mistake, he has stolen money from the Russian mob. He means to get away unscathed but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. The mob has sent a hitman after him and he has no choice but to go his birthplace, a far-removed island in Scotland called Garg. Now he has to deal with his own family’s issues before he gets help from the local people. Robin is an experienced writer who has been a contributor in such shows as Mr. Bean. He currently lives near the South Downs. Tune in to the show live or you can listen to the podcast later as well on iTunes and Audioboom: http://www.rnibconnectradio.org.uk/read-on-air.html#.WamOtK3MygE
10, Mar 2018
Kinver Community Library, Stourbridge, DY7 6HJ