The Acclaimed Writer Anita Bacha Is Invited by Mauritius Gymkhana Club for the Book Launch Event
Anita Bacha will be attending the book launch event organized by Mauritius Gymkhana Club – Vacoas -Phoenix, Mauritius on 2nd June 2019. She will be launching her debut book for children, The Princess and The Crow. Her fans have a wonderful chance of meeting her at the event. She will be disclosing her travel tales, her diverse family, the adaptation of different cultures and how her grandchildren inspired her to try her luck in writing for children. The story of the book revolves around a princess named Keyla who lives on an island in her castle. Fruits grow in abundance and birds keep on chirping that adds beauty to her kingdom. She loves to spend her time with birds, flowers and eating fruit. One day a wounded crow falls in her lap. She starts to nurse him and take very good care of him. She develops a friendly connection with him but upon recovery, the crow decides to leave her. Who is that crow? Why he came in her life? Why does he want to leave her now? And would she let him go? Find it out in the beautifully written and illustrated story of The Princess and the Crow. The author Anita Bacha known for her brilliant writing and storytelling approach, has expertise in intercountry adoption. She is a grandmother of six children. She lives on the island of Mauritius. Her bedtime stories to her grandchildren have motivated her to write a storybook for children
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