Adrienne Anifant Schaentzler to Give a Talk at Children’s Event Organized by Barnes & Noble
You wouldn’t want to miss the Children’s Event hosted by Barnes & Noble on Saturday 17th August 2019. Author Adrienne Anifant Schaentzler will be giving a talk to the audience about her expedition as a children author. She will also talk about her book Tickle Daggers which a brilliant bedtime story with striking illustrations. Grab this opportunity and come along with your kids to meet Adrienne. Tickle Daggers a book that carries a beautiful message of overcoming your fears and accepting yourself the way you are. Otis is the center of everyone’s attention for all wrong reasons. But, he does not let other views influence him negatively, instead, he accepts the way he is and from that point of his life, he never looked back. He turns into a magical and time-hopping bunny, Tickle Daggers. Along with a flower faerie, he helps those children who are sad, confronting challenges. He helps them in realizing that they can heal themselves and can be as happy as they imagine. Join Tickle Dagger on his amazing journey in this captivating storybook. The author Adrienne Anifant Schaentzler is an exceptionally brilliant writer and speechwriter. She holds a degree in M.A. and an International Law, Human Rights.
17, Aug 2019
McGregor Public Library, 2219 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1P 2P5, Canada