Alsager Women’s Guild United Reformed Church Invites the Author David Mccaddon
The David McCaddon will be giving a talk at the Alsager Women’s Guild United Reformed Church on Thursday 14th November 2019. All the Book readers especially crime genre lovers have a brilliant chance of meeting David and listening to his journey of writing the books Following Digital Footprints and In Digital Pursuit. Following Digital Footprints is the first book of the criminal series created by David. The different departments of a police force are investigating the cases of car theft, credit card fraud and identity theft. The police force is using the traditional methods supported by ever sophisticated IT systems. While the investigation is on, the criminals are getting greedy to commit more crimes but staying under the table. The suspense keeps on building as the story unfolds. Would the police be able to unmask the criminals? Find it out in this captivating and engaging read. In Digital Pursuit is the continuation of the first book of crime saga. Tim who was accused of the credit card and Identity theft is now sentenced to jail for ten years. He is kept at the HMP Dinas Bay in Wales. While serving his sentence, he plans to escape but the authorities sense that something big and wrong is going on in the prison. Midshire police start an investigation to follow up on various leads. Would Tim successfully escape the prison or police will change the game? Get a copy to read this thrilling novel. The author David McCaddon has worked for over 46 years in the computer industry as an IT consultant while 34 years specialising in Law and Enforcement Computer System Development. He has also worked with the police forces worldwide.
14, Nov 2019