Anne-Marie Sassoli to Attend a Book Signing Event at Lunas Coffee Shop
It is time for all the science fiction fans to add a signed copy of Go Back for Love by Anne-Marie Sassoli to their bookshelves. Join Anne on Wednesday, 7th July 2019 at Lunas Coffee Shop and get your signed copy. Go Back for Love is an astonishing sci-fi novel that discusses the time travel with the soft touch of emotional bonding between Laura and her aunt. Laura’s aunt's life took a drastic turn making adored rich girl work as a servant for her in-laws and her addicted son. Laura decides to go back in time to open her legacy with the help of some unexplainable and even extraterrestrial forces. But, is she making a mistake that she will be regretting for the rest of her life? or she is embarking on a journey that will change everything forever?. Find out all about Laura, her time travel expedition and her aunt’s life in this captivating novel. Anne-Marie Sassoli is an exceptional author based in Cathedral City of Salisbury in Wiltshire. She started loving writing and music at an early age. Since then, there is no looking back, her passion for writing resulted in the form of a book.
07, Aug 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Barnes & Noble Kendall Village West, 12405 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33186, United States