Austin Macauley Author Lena Chere to attend Book Fair at Southsea Library
The author of ‘Platara Mountain’, Lena Chere, will be attending a Local Book fair organised at Southsea Library. The fair will be attended by a lot of local authors and book enthusiasts. The authors will meet book fans and talk individually about their writings. They will also offer copies of their books for sale. ‘Platara Mountain’ is a Sci-fi/fantasy; the modern world is so advanced that the internet is able to communicate with a parallel world. Living in this modern world is a girl named Alexandra, who comes across a young family in the parallel world. She starts to care deeply about this family. The author Lena Chere has worked in different professional fields. Most recently, she has worked in an Educational Centre. Lena is passionate about religion and studied comparative religion at university.
15, Nov 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Sea Point Library, Cape Town, South Africa