The Author of ‘The Bee Hive’ is Invited at a School to Interact with the Children
Beechwood Primary School in Runcorn is hosting an event where Simon Adepetun, the Author of ‘The Bee Hive’ is invited. He will interact with congregated young students and initiate a discussion regarding his book and hopefully inspire them for healthier reading habits. ‘The Bee Hive’ is a children’s book full of adventure and fun. It is the story of eleven-year-old Daniel and his new friend Benji. Daniel’s life was standard and very uneventful until his new friend Benji presented him with an exciting discovery, a beehive that can transform into a den. Everything becomes thrilling and confusing when two strange men come into the play. Also, Daniel has a doll-obsessed sister who is very nosy and annoying. Simon Adepetun is a loving husband and a proud father of three adorable children. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in English Studies and a Postgraduate certificate in Theatre Studies. Simon is a full-time employee as a Sales manager but spending quality time with his family is always his priority.
21, Mar 2019
Harry’s Bar, Calle Rio Nalon, Los Alcazares, Spain