Author of ‘The Duck Trail’ to visit Cranbrook School, Kent for a Talk
Author of the book ‘The Duck Trail’, Steven G. Matthews, to deliver a talk at Cranbrook School. The author will share some valuable writing tips with the young writers and read an excerpt from his wonderful children’s book. The ‘The Duck Trail’ is a lovely children’s story about ‘Drake - the duck’. He is a little duck with a curious nature who is always in search of fun and new adventures. But these adventures are not always fun. One day, he goes on for an adventure and can’t find his way back home. Now, he has to rely on his sense of direction to find his way back. Will anyone notices he is gone? And will they come looking for him? The author Steven G. Matthews loves writing a poetry and he feels more comfortable in writing the poetic books. He is studying for his professional procurement qualifications and has a young happy family.
13, Nov 2018
Lymington Library