Author of ‘Fatal First Contact’, Adam T Davie to give an interview on 88.9 FM Hills Radio Station
88.9 FM Hills Radio Station (Australia) has invited Adam T Davie for an interview to talk about his life and his first of many to come thrilling novels. Adam will talk about his experience in security industry and his inspiration for the novel. He’ll also talk about the story of his book to make listeners interested to get their own copies of ‘Fatal First Contact’. The book ‘Fatal First Contact’ is a science fiction in which the protagonist tries to offer his services as a security provider for the family of a high profile client. Instead, he is kidnapped by some aliens who wants to use his extra ordinary security skills for their benefit. Dealing with powers he has never experienced before he decided to take on the mission, aliens have chosen him for. He is blind to the fact that actions he takes will have consequences not only for his home planet Earth but his very own family too. The author of this book was born in Australia and his dream job was to become a police officer but he was turned down. So, he joined the security industry and feels this has been his calling all along. Although he tried his luck in other fields including his own small business but he always came back to the security industry. This is what he is best at and feels comfortable with. This very field has inspired the novels he has written.
12, Dec 2018
Barnes and Noble WA/Bellingham