Author Adrienne Anifant Schaentzler will be at Barnes & Noble Menlo Park to Sign the Copies of Her Book
The author Adrienne Anifant Schaentzler will be attending the book signing and reading event hosted by Barnes & Noble on 17th August 2019 for her book Tickle Daggers. The book enthusiasts have a great chance of meeting their favourite author. Adrienne will be reading her book to the audience. Parents are welcome to come along with their kids. The author will be concluding the event by signing a few copies of her book. The book Tickle Daggers is filled with beautiful illustrations. It is about an outcasted bunny named Otis who overcomes his fears and insecurities that evolve him into a magical and multi-talented Tickle Dagger. He seeks the help of a flower faerie to reach out to the sad children. He gives them hope about life and helps them in self-realization. Find out more about Otis in this amazing read. The author Adrienne Anifant Schaentzler is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and the National University of Ireland. She is living with her family in New York.
17, Aug 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Lairdsland Primary School, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow