Author Alicia Gough to Host Book Launch Event of Her Memoir
Our inspirational author, Alicia Gough, will hold the book launch of her wonderful memoir, The Hand That Tells The Story: Living With My Disability, on 16 October 2022. The event will be held at St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Parkgate Road, Chester, on Sunday, at 2 pm. Don’t forget to meet the incredible Alicia.   The Hand That Tells The Story: Living With My Disability gives an insight into the life of the author who is living with a disability. The book presents an in-depth account of how it feels to be a person with cerebral palsy. In her memoir, Alicia has also shared her achievements and wonderful experiences. Grab a copy here.   Alicia Gough lives with her parents near Chester. Born with cerebral palsy, she is living a courageous life. She loves expressing herself through writing stories and poetry.
16, Nov 2021