Author Alison Hale to visit Winchelsea School Christmas Fair
Alison Hale, the amazing author of a magnificent educational book ‘You Can Tell’ will be visiting Winchelsea School for the Christmas Fair at Guernsey road, Parkstone, Poole. She intends to create awareness in the young ones and for that, she wants to sell her books and even giving out flyers. Do not miss your chance to meet Alison and get your own copy ‘You Can Tell’. An informative book that communicates the importance of a strong and healthy relationship between children and elders. The book dives into the matter of someone abusing children and how children should feel free to talk to their elders about it. Alison Hale is a forty-five-year-old woman who is on a mission to help and protect the children and teenagers of today. She was a victim of abuse when she was younger. She has written ‘You Can Tell’ in such a way that guides young people of all ages to confide with their parents, no matter what kind of problem they face in life.
14, Dec 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Garners Garden Centre, Silverdale