Author and Champion Sportsman Tom Mcnab to Be Celebrated at the Cinema Museum
The Cinema Museum in London will be hosting an event in which they will showcase Tom McNab’s first play collection 1936: Berlin and other plays. The event will host talks about Tom’s plays and a limited screening of the short film Leni, an adaptation of one of Tom’s Play.  Ready by Tom McNab is a brilliant sports novel that follows the account of decathlete Marty Luther Jones as he prepares to break the 9000-point barrier. Marty discovers that he has been taking a number of different enhancement drugs although not illegal, he starts to question his abilities. The story becomes more interesting as Marty begins to hear voices and encounters an old man which oddly is only visible to him.  Tom McNab is an illustrious sportsman champion and author. Tom has worked with Colin Welland as a script advisor and a technical director on the Oscar Award-winning film Chariots of Fire. He has gifted tremendously in the world of sports as a coach and also as an author of amazing sport books.
22, May 2019
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