Author Andy Flute to Attend a TV Interview on TBN UK
Austin Macauley’s proficient author, Andy Flute is invited to a TV interview by TBN UK for his book, Jesus In My Corner. The interview is scheduled on 10th July 2020 from 14:00 hours onwards. With over 3 million viewers across the UK and 158 countries watching worldwide, the author will be discussing the motivation behind writing this amazing book. Mark your calendars and do not miss the event! Jesus in My Corner is a memoir of the famous fighter, Andy Flute. For over 30 years Andy was subjected to violence and alcohol to the point where he was on a ten-day binging period. At the point of death, he experienced a spiritual awakening. With the help of Jesus, he fought his battle against alcohol and now spends his time in the church and helping others addicted to alcohol and violence. Read this amazing and encouraging story here. Andy Flute is a former captain of the British boxing team and a middleweight title challenger. After winning his fight against alcohol addiction, Andy is now a speaker in a church. He shares his testimony with drug addicts and prison inmates all across the UK to help them fight their addictions.
10, Jul 2020
The Folk Museum, Qala, Gozo, Malta.