Author Ashley King to Host a Book Promotional Event at Folkstone
The author of a remarkable book Landslide, Ashley King, is going to host a book promotional event at The Beacon – Artist & Author Events 2020 Folkstone. The event will be held on Thursday, 20th February 2020 till Saturday, 4th April 2020. The residents of Folkestone have a great opportunity to attend the event, meet the author and get signed copies of the books. Austin Macaulay’s amazing read, Landslide, is a love story of Sarah and Tom. Sarah was an author who lives her life through the characters in her books and Tom was a successful businessman who always gets whatever he wants. Sarah meets Tom who changes her way of thinking and introduces her to a world of sexual discovery. After Sarah’s entry, Tom realised that his life is totally changed and there are few things in life that he cannot control. Sarah and Tom started exploring their life together but ended up having great responsibilities. The author Ashley King resides in a village in England with her husband and youngest daughter. Ashley spends her time listening music or travelling to many festivals in her family’s old Volkswagen campervan in summer. Her writing is inspired by her love for contemporary romance and fascination with society.
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