Author Beth H. Benjamin’s Interview to Be Broadcasted Live by Liffey Sound 96.4 FM
Author of the fantasy novel, Rebel Heart, Beth H. Benjamin is to appear on the ‘Bookline’ radio program at Liffey Sound 96.4 FM on 16th August 2020 for a special interview. Liffey Sound FM is a not-for-profit community radio station which hosts the Bookline program (to promote books) every Sunday. We are excited to hear from one of our writers talking about her book on the broadcast. Beth will be speaking to the audience about her journey of taking up writing and the inspiration behind her debut novel.   Beth’s novel is based in the future when humans have evolved to adapt animalistic instincts and have categorised themselves as Alpha, Beta and Omega (Alpha being the most superior). The story is about a strong-willed Omega girl, Alex, who refuses to be seen as inferior to the Alphas. She is encountered by an arrogant Alpha, Wraith and soon finds herself in a clash. With attraction developing between them, where will their instincts lead to? Get your copy of here to know!   Born in Dublin, Ireland, Beth H. Benjamin is a talented twenty-year-old author. She had been enthusiastic about writing fiction since her school days. This is her very first published work.   Don’t forget to catch Beth H. Benjamin live in her interview!
16, Aug 2020 - 01, Jan 1970
The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles