Author David McCaddon is to Attend A Speaking Engagement and Book Signing at Congleton
The author of a crime book, Following Digital Footprints, David McCaddon is going to attend his book signing ceremony at Congleton Ladies Probus, Congleton. The speaking engagement and book signing event will take place on Thursday, the 19th of November 2020 from 10 Pm to 12 Am. The residents of Congleton and lovers of crime novels are welcome to be part of this great event.   The book, Following Digital Footprints, is the best thrilling book especially for the people who like to spend their time reading crime books. This is the first volume of a crime series written by the author. The thrilling story revolves around the police force and criminals who are involved in cars and credit cards theft and getting more active day by day. Follow the story to know who wins the battle.    The author David McCaddon served as an IT consultant in the computer industry for about 46 years, while spent his 34 years specialising in Law and Enforcement Computer System Development. The author has also worked with police forces worldwide.
19, Nov 2020 - 20, Nov 2020
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