Author Duo Jean and Jamie Illingworth Will Be Hosting a Workshop at White Rose Books
Mother-son duo Jean and Jamie are excited to host the writing and drawing workshop at White Rose Books, Thirsk on 10th August 2019 where their books Danny's Bonfire Night, Danny's Christmas and Dragontide will also be displayed. The brilliant duo will be meeting their fans and will be reading some of the excerpts from their books. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to have fun learning activity as Jean and Jamie will be giving some helpful tips on writing, reading and drawing. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. The amazing books Danny's Bonfire Night, Danny's Christmas and Dragontide are all about children. The first book of the series Danny's Bonfire Night is all about benevolence and companionship. Danny and Susie are the best friends and love to indulge in fun activities which later turn into an adventure. The second book Danny's Christmas is about the completion of one year of Danny and Susie’s friendship. While saving Susie’s nativity play, Danny gets in trouble and now only he can fix it. In the third installation of the series, Danny plans to fly off the Whyrum village to attend the annual Dragontide festival but Susie decides to have their festival. Before moving further, they encounter a more important challenge. Find out more about Danny and Susie in this amazing and fun series of books with the startling illustrations. These books are best for bedtime stories. The duo of mother-son Jean and Jamie Illingworth is known for their brilliant storytelling approach. Jean is a photographer and poet while Jamie is a writer, illustrator and animator.
10, Aug 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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