Author Interview on BBC Radio Somerset
Author Claire Rosemary Jane of the magical novel, Chloe’s Extraordinary Telescope is all set for an interview on the radio on Thursday 9th of March at 12:15 PM on BBC radio Somerset, 95.5 FM. and 1566 medium wave. Chloe’s Extraordinary Telescope is a story of an only child, Chloe Blackthorne, who discovers a magical telescope. It quickly becomes her favourite possession as she embarks on time-travelling explorations. A curious boy named Jack joins the journey of thrilling adventures with her. Grab your copy to here.  Claire Rosemary Jane got raised in Malvern, a town located in Worcestershire and was the eldest among her siblings. During her teenage years, she read the most. Claire successfully qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. She travelled globally and is concerned about human activities harming the planet.
09, Mar 2023
BBC Radio Somerset