Author Katherine Webster Invited to Her Book Signing Event of Becoming Madam Widow
The acclaimed author of autobiographical brilliance, Katherine Webster is invited at the Chapters Bookstore in St. Catharines Ontario to attend her Book Signing. Katherine will meet many reading aficionados and discuss her journey towards Becoming Madam Widow. She will also sign the copies of her book. Chapters Bookstore is a delightful place and has hosted many book signings. Becoming Madam Widow is an autobiography and memoir of author Katherine Webster. The book follows the account of Katherine as her husband passes away suddenly leaving her venerable to self-doubt and fear. She faces near financial ruin and the great chasm of loneliness and isolation. The book is an amazing journey towards self-enlightenment and true independence, something every woman should aspire for. Katherine Webster is a novice author, designer, artist and entrepreneur. She wanted to share her story with the world as she found herself alone amidst the chaos after her husband’s death.
08, Jun 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Foyles -  Bond Street, Chelmsford