Author Lena Shah Will Appear at the Chiswick Book Festival
Chiswick Book Festival is taking place from 9th-15th September this year. As exciting as it gets, our amazing author Lena Shah will also mark her presence as a speaker alongside 20 other authors. She will be speaking at the prior Waterstones Local Authors Party on Tuesday, 7th September at Boston Room, George IV. The timings for this gathering are 7 pm-9 pm. Every author will have a designated time to speak about their books. You can find out further details of the event here.   Impetus is the title of Lena’s poetry and prose of which she will be speaking at the event. The book has certain elements of a memoir as well. It contains both poetic verses and prosaic narration. Not just that, this inspiring title is also decorated with illustrations and quotes by the big names of the world of poetry which Lena has included as a tribute.   Apart from being a writer and a poet, Lena Shah is also a yoga and language teacher. She was born in Yorkshire and has Indian origins. Her purpose is to guide others to enlightened paths through a unique coaching style.
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