Author Leslie Eva Tayloe to Hold Her Book Signing Event in Tappahannock
Leslie Eva Tayloe, the author of the fun children’s book, I’m Fishing With Pop-Pop Today, will attend her book signing event on Friday, 4th November 2022, from 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM at Thyme in a Basket's Christmas Open House, 325 Queen Street, Tappahannock, VA. Leslie will sell her signed copies so don’t miss the chance to join her. I’m Fishing With Pop-Pop Today is an extremely vibrant and colourful illustrated book to grab the attention of its little readers. This children's book narrates the story of little Rosie, who desires to catch a big fish with her Pop-Pop. She realizes that Pop-Pop will never allow her to catch her big fish. How will she fulfil her wish? TUnlinko know the complete story, get the book here.  Leslie Eva Tayloe is a master's in human resource management from the University of Maryland. She worked for the federal government for 33 years and also has a three-year of teaching experience. Leslie was enthusiastic about learning fishing and her partner Micheal helped her with it. She resides in Virginia with her partner and has a family of five grown children, seven grandchildren, two cats named O’Malley and Booboo, and a dog named Frankie.
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