Author Lindsay Wincherauk to be in Vancouver for a Book signing
‘Driving In Reverse – The Life I Almost Missed’ is a story of author Lindsay Wincherauk’s life. He will be in Vancouver for a book signing. The event is scheduled for early May. The story of the novel takes readers to the point of the author’s life when he was heading towards a collapse. He had lost dear friends and family members, and on top of that his relationship also comes to an end. He escapes to Europe with his friend and goes on a whirlwind adventure that takes him to 11 different countries. He discovers many different things in his travels and learns a great deal about himself. He comes out as a new person on the other side. Lindsay has a passion for writing everything that he observes around him. He has co-authored another book as well. Don’t miss the chance to meet him in person.
08, May 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre & Country Park, Leicestershire, UK