Author Lorenzo Bernardini Is All Set to Attend the Fundraising Event to Help Build Winchester Hospice
Author of a famous Children’s book The First Tale of Sarah, Lorenzi Barnardini, will be enthusiastically participating in a fundraiser to help build Winchester Hospice. Winchester Hospice will be a team of medical caregivers, providing compassionate and professional care to up to 10 patients in their hospitals and homes. The event will take place on 24th, 25th and 26th July 2020 at the Entrance of Tesco Winnall. Lorenzo’s adorable book is about a little girl, Sarah, who is five years old and loves monsters. She has lost her voice after her mother’s death. One day, some bullies steal the book her mother had made for her and hide it in a dark, frightening place. When Sarah goes into the dark to find her book, she meets Mr. Red, one of her favourite characters from the book. She then enjoys a journey to a beautiful land with Mr. Red to find her lost voice. Lorenzo Bernardini was born in Italy in 1975 and is a self-taught artist with a passion for fantasy stories and illustration. His parents are also artists and always gave him plenty of space to develop his natural artistic ability. He studied accounting but later graduated in visual effects at Nemo Academy of Visual art in Florence. Lorenzo now lives in the UK and has returned to his true passion, hand drawing and illustration, writing his own stories and making them real. This is the first of three tales about Sarah. Lorenzo is currently working on the other two.
24, Jul 2020 - 26, Jul 2020
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