The Author Lydia Ola Taiwo Will Be Delivering a Motivational Speech at ST Luke’s Church Peckham
The valiant lady and author Lydia Ola Taiwo will be giving a motivational speech at the event organized to raise awareness about the misuse of knives and guns by youngsters at St Luke’s Church Peckham, Chandler Way, London on 6th July 2019. Lydia will be sharing her auto-biography named A Broken Childhood with the audience. She will be opening up about her troubled childhood as she is a survivor of child abuse. Don’t miss out this awesome opportunity to meet the author and have a sneak-peek at her book. The book A Broken Childhood is a true story of the life of the author. She has compiled all her worst experiences as a child abuse victim. Her real parents have abused her mentally, physically and emotionally. Especially her mother who had attempted to kill her leaving her scared for the rest of her life. She has 8 cut scars on head and 16 on her body. Even the court was not believing her until she showed them her scars. The book has a great message for all the child abuse survivors that no matter what you can live your life again. Find out more about Lydia and her life in her biography that will leave you in tears. The author Dr. Lydia Ola Taiwo is a valiant and audacious woman who is standing tall after going through a lot. She is a victim and survivor of child abuse. She is now happily married and living with her husband and six kids.  
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