The Author Lydia Taiwo Will Be Giving a Talk at Hackney Community Centre
Hackney Community Centre, London is hosting an event with a very strong and important theme ‘Break The Cycle of Abuse - Rise From Broken’. Mark your calendars as on Saturday 28th September 2019, the author Lydia Taiwo will be addressing the audience. She will be talking about her biography A Broken Childhood and her survival as child abuse. She is an epitome of strength and an inspirational person. Don’t forget to show up at the event. A Broken Childhood is all about forgiving and accepting your scars. You have to take your courage in both hands to tell your story to the world. Lydia is that one courageous woman who wrote down the vile encounters as a victim of child abuse. Her real parents have abused her mentally, physically and emotionally. No one could believe her until she took off her wig and showed the cut marks on her head in the courtroom which she received in a brutal act by her mother. Her book is a story that will shake you to the core. Find out her heart-breaking story as a victim of child abuse in this book. The author Dr. Lydia Taiwo is a brave lady and an inspiration for many out there. She has survived the horrendous child abuse. She is now happily married and has six kids. Her message is clear and strong that ‘Having suffered abuse doesn’t mean you have to be an abuser yourself’.
28, Sep 2019
Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA