Author Marilyn L Rice Is Going to Join Middleway Words – The Midlands Book Festival
The Midlands Book Festival is taking place on 8th September 2021. Our amazing author, Marilyn L Rice, along with Katherine Hetzel will participate in the Middleway Words, a book festival in Midlands. They will join the festival at 2pm. The focus of the discussion will be on their lives, work, and books. The interested participants of the event can get their tickets here.   The Singing Horses is Marylin Rice’s ninth work. She plans to make an animated movie on her book in future. The delightful story is about three amazing horses who have specific skills and they embark on a journey to win The Best Equine Author of the Year contest. This entertaining book is for the audience of all ages as it has an adventurous story with an exciting end that grabs the attention of the masses. You can grab a copy here.   Marylin L Rice was born in 1951. She adopted the profession of teaching. She started writing after her retirement. Her writings indicate that she has an adventurous soul.
08, Sep 2021