Author Marion Jefferies Will Be Talking to Mums and Young Children
The author of The Adventures of Sammy Duck will be attending a talk at the Ripon Library where she will engage in conversation with mothers and young children. Marion Jefferies is excited and looking forward to the event. It will be an informative and creativity-boosting talk for the mothers as well as their young children. The Adventures of Sammy Duck is a colourful reading delight for children. The story is about an optimistic duck named Sammy who has a positive outlook on life. Sammy has two human friends Ken and Tobi which are constantly delighted by her presence. The book gives an interesting perspective of the world through the eyes of a lovely duck. Marion Jefferies is a British author and has three published books. She is a delightful and loving lady with a garden filled with numerous types of birds and animals. Marion has kept many ducks throughout her life and The Adventures of Sammy Duck is inspired by that experience.
17, Apr 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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