The Author Mark Piggott Will Be Hosting a Students Workshop in New Jersey
Austin Macaulay’s brilliant author of the book The Outlander War, Mark Piggott, will be hosting a students workshop at Phillipsburg High School, Phillipsburg, New Jersey on Thursday, 16th April 2020, at 9:00 am. The students of Phillipsburg High School have a great opportunity to attend the event and get to know about the author’s inspiration for writing this novel. The author will be presenting a copy of his book to the school library and talk to the students about being a writer. The story of the book, The Outlander War, revolves around the mystical Island of Avalon that has been reigned by the descendants of King Arthur. Magical creatures like Elves, Dwarves, and dragons were found in that Island. The Island can only be accessed through a breach in the Bermuda Triangle. This mystical Island was discovered by a US Navy ship. The clashes ascend between modern technology and ancient magic on Avalon where the laws of magic excel the laws of science causing mechanical artilleries to stutter and locked down. In the battle between modern technology and ancient magic, who do you think will win? The author Mark Piggott resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and three children. He has served the US Navy for 23 years. Mark Piggott worked as a Navy Journalist on three aircraft carriers before attaining the rank of Chief Journalist. He retired in 2006.
16, Apr 2020 - 01, Jan 1970
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