Step into the World of Imagination: A Special Meet-and-Greet with Margaret Lillie.
Margaret Lillie, the author of The Adventures of Millie and Me, is set to host a meet and greet event on the evening of 23rd November 2023. The event is scheduled to be at the Bonaly Primary School, Edinburgh. The author will discuss her book with P (1-3) school kids. The Adventures of Millie and Me weaves a charming narrative as Robin fulfills his dream of having a pet with the arrival of Millie, a miniature schnauzer puppy. The story beautifully captures the evolving bond between the young boy and his newfound best friend, offering readers a delightful exploration of companionship and childhood innocence. Get the book here. Margaret Lillie’s childhood, shaped by nightly readings from her father on Cameroon's rubber plantations, fueled her love for literature. Sent to boarding school at 10, Margaret's passion for storytelling blossomed, leading her to craft a compelling book. Explore the enchanting world she creates, blending personal experiences and a deep love for captivating narratives.
23, Nov 2023
Bonaly Primary School, Edinburgh